About Palm City LA

      “Los Angeles is a city that is ever changing and ever stimulating. There is no one definition of LA. A city saturated full of creativity, ingenuity and individuality makes this city the City of Angels. The one consistent, never changing symbol that defines LA is a Palm tree. From Malibu to Inglewood, Venice to Downtown, Beverly Hills to Eagle Rock, the Palm tree stands tall. Every Angelino is unique and one of a kind, but we all share the same symbol, we all reside in PALM CITY.  This is LA. This is Palm City.”
      Palm City LA is platform dedicated as an ode to the beautiful city of Los Angeles.  As a native Angeleino, Palm City Founder, Susanna Davidov, decided to share with the world the diversity of what is The City of Angels.
      " There is no single way to describe LA.  It is steeped in diverse cultures, fashion, music, art, and general creative stimulations.  With the Palm City pieces we are able to visually convey the uniqueness of this beautiful city.  Whether your fahsion sense is  minimal, bohemian, street, bold, simple, ethnic, vintage, or modern... Palm City provides it all... because that is the exact representation of LA.  A little bit of everything." - Susanna
      The palm tree has been a symbol engraved in the minds of Palm City founders.  As they grew up and started exploring the world, seeing a palm tree became a symbol of home.  Every neighborhood of LA has the iconic Palm Tree.  No matter what area it is, who lives there, what businesses are there, how rich or poor, how populated or isolated, how famous or infamous... the Palm Tree stands tall.
The Palm City collection is a way for everyone to take price in the beauty that is LA and represent this beautiful city.
This is Palm City.  This is LA.