Care Guide & Materials

  • 18 Karat High Density Gold Plating
  • Semi-Precious Natural Stones
  • Hypoallergenic Steel Earrings Posts
  • Hypoallergenic Laquer Coating
Make sure to store your jewelry in a secure and dry place in between your daily wear.  Remove and store jewelry before exercising, showing, swimming and sleeping.  Make sure to put on your jewelry after you have applied lotions, perfume and cosmetics.  The ingredients in these products and/or the ph balance of your skin can change the luster of the jewelry.
Palm City jewelry is of the highest fashion jewelry quality and will not turn your skin.  The use of hypoallergenic materials makes these pieces suited for anyone.  Repetitive use in moist environments will eventually cause the item to loose luster.  Storing you jewelry all together may cause the pieces to rub against each other, and just like anything that is gold, will result in nicks and scratches.  Try to avoid having your jewelry rub together or against anything else.
The best and easiest way to care for your Palm City pieces is to care for them regularly.  Wipe down your pieces with a jewelry cloth after wearing and before putting them away.  This small daily routine will ensure your pieces stay pristine.