L.A. Restaurants Groceries & Produce

Hello P.C.L.A. Community,

Many L.A. Restaurants are now offering Grocery & Produce pick-up and/or delivery.  Offering high quality good they themselves would use in the restaurants.  Lets support them while they do everything they can to support us.

We have complied a list of some great recommendations.

Stay Healthy & Stay Safe.


Restaurants Offering Groceries & Produce



(now operating Fish Market & Produce Box)

 On top of a regular food menu, they are offering a selection of fresh fish, their signature sauces and sides. You can also choose to purchase a a produce box. Offering daily delivery and pick up.




Porta Villa

 On top of their daily special meals Porta Villa is now offering the Porta Villa Market which includes fresh produce, meats, and dry goods. Email to place order




The Butcher’s Daughter

(now operating as “Butcher’s Bodega")

 On top of a regular food menu, there’s a grocery menu as well that features things like granola, bread, pancake mix, and even vegan collagen. Available for pick-up or delivery from 9am-9pm.




Bacari W. 3rd

 Open daily from 10am-5pm. Items include fresh produce, meats, house-made sauces, toiletries, and more.




All Time

 Open daily from 9am-8pm, this Los Feliz institution has transformed into a full-time marketplace featuring grocery kits, produce boxes, and every kind of provision in between.





 The upscale steakhouse has transformed into a marketplace open daily from 10am-8pm (butcher counter closes at 7pm), featuring vacuum-sealed meats, fresh daily cuts, produce boxes, and more. Available for pick-up and delivery.




Birdie G's

 On top of their regular menu being available, Birdie G’s is offering sundries and selections from their larder that range from chicken stock and schmaltz to rye flour and spice mix. Available daily for pick-up or delivery, 12-7pm.




Go Get Em Tiger

 Available in most of their outlets citywide, this cafe/coffee shop is selling “pantry offerings” that include chickpea frittatas, jasmine rice, chai concentrate, and much more..




The 101 Coffee Shop

 The all-day diner inside the Best Western in Franklin Village is selling everything from bread to toilet paper to black beans by the pound. Also, in collaboration with MiniBar next door, you’ll also find family-sized margaritas, martinis, and other pre-made cocktails for your at-home needs..




Jon & Vinnys

 The popular Italian restaurant on Fairfax is offering produce bags, herbs, poultry, fish, meat, and more. Pickup is at Animal across the street. All orders are done through





 Tuesdays from 11am-4pm, this Japanese cafe/wine bar hosts a “produce pick-up” in collaboration with County Line Harvest, as well as pizza kits from Lupa Cotta. Be sure to order in advance online. They’ve also opened an online bottle shop where you can pick up wine and sake.





 Though Kismet is closed until further notice, the Mediterranean restaurant is selling produce and other goods every day from 12-7pm at their space in Los Feliz. They have fruits and vegetables a la carte as well as in family-sized produce boxes, but if it’s your pantry or spice rack that need replenishing, they’re selling everything from buckwheat flour to cinnamon sticks.





L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

 This Hollywood pizzeria has one of the largest marketplace menus in town, featuring an extensive list of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, vacuum-sealed meats, pasta, sauces, and more.




Salt's Cure

 As part of their “lockdown menu,” Salt’s Cure is offering eggs, sausage by the pound, bread, and perhaps most importantly, griddle cake mix. Your quarantine breakfast just got a lot more interesting. Open daily from 10am-3pm, takeout and delivery available on most platforms.





Superba Food + Bread

 All Superba locations citywide are offering “Superba Supplies,” a special menu that includes $60 cooking kits, a la carte breads and sauces, and produce. Available daily for takeaway or delivery.





Otus Thai Kitchen & Coffee

 The all-day Thai cafe on La Brea is open daily from 11am-8pm for takeout and delivery, and offers a grab-and-go market as well. Pick up fresh fruit, vegetables, garlic, eggs, and more.





Osteria La Buca

 The Hollywood Italian standby is offering everything from house-made sauces and pasta to prosciutto by the pound and 50% all bottles of wine. Fill out your order here and please allow one day lead time.






 The Maude Marketplace in Beverly Hills is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-6pm. Available from takeout and curbside pickup only, bring your grocery bag and fill it up with everything you need.




Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

 The Highland Park bakery is offering in-store grocery pick-up seven days a week, from 10am-3pm, and delivery through most apps from 9am-4pm. Bread kits are also available for takeout and delivery through their website.





Lady & Larder

 A tiny shop on Sawtelle best known for creating fantastic cheese and meat boards, but they’ve fully transitioned into a “Lady Bodega” concept. Available for both takeout and delivery, the extensive menu has produce boxes, pantry essentials, and even kitchen utensils, but don’t skip the rare cheese and meat options.