ELIXIR Nº1 Parfum Oil

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The Elixir Perfum Oils are blended with nourishing & hydrating coconut oil to allow the fragrance to seep into your skin.

Unlike most fragrances that sit on top of your skin acting as a masking scent, the Elixir Perfum Oils work with your body’s chemistry to gently effuse an intoxicating scent.

ELIXIR Nº1 is a perfect blend of natural oils evoking a subtle yet seductive sensation. Begin your Elixer Nº1 sensual journey with notes of warm vanilla and Damask Rose, as the oils hydrate and seep into your skin,  notes of Narcissus, Tuberose and  sparkling sugar begin to flourish.  The journey then concludes with the addition of a creamy sandalwood amber base.

How to use: For optimal wear, massage desired amount onto pulse points at your wrists, the back of each hand and on each side of the neck.  To stimulate your own natural pheromone with the Elixir Parfum Oil, apply to lower abdomen.  This area of the body produces pheromone induced body heat that effuses the scent in a unique way.  For the perfect finishing touch, warm the Elixir Parfum Oil  in your hands and smooth through your hair.


Top Note: Jasmine, Rose, Warm Vanilla

Middle Note: Tuberose, Vetiver, Narcissus

Base Note: Amber, Cedar, Musk


Profile: Floral,Woody,Sweet,Amber

Experience: Seductive & Deep


15ml Roll-On Perfume Oil


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